California Roadtrip: Wake up San Francisco! 

Visiting the Golden State would be incomplete without a photo with the Golden Gate Bridge. However, capturing this iconic panoramic view from this perspective is one that out of town visitors seldom uncover.

I’ll be honest, this shot is a bit of hike (literally) and you can’t just drive here, but it’s definitely worth it – and that’s coming from someone who hates exercising! My friend and I left our rental at a local bart station and took Lyft to the beginning of the Lands End Trail. Be sure to stretch and wear comfortable shoes! Your thighs and calves will thank me later!

The trail is relatively easy for a novice outdoor girl like myself and the spectacular view makes it a noteworthy trip. The hike is about 1.5 miles and many moderately fit people can complete it within an hour. You could go here to relax and enjoy the scenery or watch the sun rise or set. Either way it’s a great place add on your travel agenda! To learn more about this trail click here.

What’s your must see attraction in SF?




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