California Cookie Dough Grand Opening in Fountain Valley 

Growing up my brother and I always loved baking cookies with my mom, and I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the cookie batter doesn’t always go on the tray in the oven. *halo over head*  I’d often lick the left-over batter mix on the cake mixer as one of my guilty pleasures. Thankfully, I hadn’t been cursed with contaminated pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli. Yet, there’s a new store in town where you can enjoy cookie batter without wondering if you’re at risk for food poisoning.     

Decor and Menu

I attended the Grand Opening for California Cookie Dough (18854 Brookhurst St) in Fountain Valley to try out what could be the newest dessert craze to get the latest scoop. Upon entering the hole-in-a-wall, I was greeted by the friendly manager and allowed to sample their various creations. I was informed that after many attempts at perfecting the flavors before they’ve decided on ten unique combinations.

Double scoop of “Grey Matter” and “Coconut Delight”

After careful consideration I decided on their popular “Grey Matter” which has a potent oreo and chocolate chip cookie flavor as well as the “Coconut Delight”. It is quite rich and decadent treat, but great for sharing. It’s fairly dense, so one scoop would certainly suffice. They also have milk on tap that comes in the vintage bottles as well as Nitro cold brew coffee for patrons who need an extra boost of energy.

The store hours are great as they’re open late (10pm on weekdays, and 11pm on Saturday; Closed on Tuesdays), so I imagine that it’ll be a popular destination in the sleepy town.


What’s your guilty pleasure?




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