Main Squeeze Grand Opening in Fountain Valley! 

You know that popular colorful lemonade drink that you often see at night markets and fairs? The ones in the oversized mason jars with the cute lemon in the front. Yes! That one! Did you know that they (the Main Squeeze -9430 Warner Avenue,  Fountain Valley, CA) recently opened up a brick and mortar store in Orange County? *Does happy dance*

Inside their store

My friend and I recently attended their Grand Opening to welcome Fountain Valley’s newest addition. Because the weather has been atrociously hot as of late, an ice cold lemonade made for an excellent beverage choice to counter the unbearable heat. My friend and I were so excited that we were actually first and second in line! Yes, we were quite enthusiastic about redeeming swag as they advertised the first 100 people get a complimentary iphone 7 case or a baseball cap, plus a mason jar upgrade with light cube on the beverage of choice.

Left: iphone 7 classes; Right: Mason Jars with lemonade

There was a wide array of drinks and desserts to choose from, but I decided to go with the cucumber mint lemonade with boba, which was incredibly refreshing. My friend ordered the lychee lemonade with added lychees and both were bright and super colorful.  These made-to-order drinks were just as I remembered at the fair and I’m glad that I can now enjoy this year-round!

Motivation sign in lights!

I came to this little shop just wanting a drink to cool down, but was reminded of the lemons and lemonade concept – where you can always change for the better. If you’re going through a rough patch or feel unhappy, remember this it’s only temporary and that you can use your hardships and/or struggles for something greater. Just take a deep breath and take it one day at a time.

Are there lemons in your life? What kind of “lemonade” are you planning to make?




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