Chowing down tasty noms at the Taste of Santa Ana

Over the weekend I was invited to the Taste of Santa Ana at the lot of MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana. I’d gone to this event in the past, but this year definitely takes the cake in being their best year yet! From the pumpin’ live performances, to the fun giant games spread across the event, to the delicious noms and sips, this event has grown tremendously, and I had a great time. There were over 40 different food and beverage vendors and they all gave enormous portions for patrons to enjoy. There was everything from burgers from Slaters 50/50 to tacos from Wokano and everything in between.

Snapshots from the event 

One thing that made this tasting stand out was the accessible price-point. There were many families at this event and at $25 for general admission, this AYCE extravaganza plus entertainment makes it an easy family-friendly outing for everyone to enjoy. There was so many options and my friends and I confess that I made extra rounds for dessert – The pear tart yogurt from Yogurtland was sinfully addicting as was the Italian ice from Mustache Mike.


Whats your favorite dessert?






4 thoughts on “Chowing down tasty noms at the Taste of Santa Ana

  1. There are many desserts that stole my fancy. Although I rarely prefer sweets certain sweets always pique my interest. Although ice cream is always delectable, and I am absurdly picky about it, this is not the dessert that I am most passionate about.

    The dessert I am most passionate about if tiramisu. My first and best exposure to this was at Cafe bizou in Pasadena many years ago. The has a beautiful soft silky texture coupled with the stomach of coffee, who can pass that up. I am also picky about this dessert, but it is one I count as a quintessential dessert.

    My disclaimer is that it has been a long time since I have been to Cafe bizou, therefore my memory may not be what I remember. Perhaps I have had better since.


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