August Favorites 2021

Summer lovin’ happened so fast! Sorry readers for the late post! I went to work physically this week so it’s been a wild ride trying to transition back to in-person learning. For my new readers, I work at a comprehensive high school in socal as a college counselor, and everyone’s returned physically since the pandemic started (both students and staff). But enough about my excuses, lets check out the finds! Here’s my August Favorites! Enjoy

$ Bargain

Papaya Salad & Coconut Cakes (Mae Ting’s Coconut Cakes): Hands down the best papaya salad ($9)! This little stall in a Chinatown parking lot may not look like much but their food really packs a punch. Read more here. It was so good that I went back and had it again and successfully tried their coconut cakes ($6) for a dozen!

Art Supplies (Art Supply Warehouse): Wow! This store is enormous and their prices are very reasonable. Much better selection than Michaels. Located in Westminster, this store will have meet all your art needs. Click here to read more.

Hobbit House (Hobbit House): If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, this is a must stop for you. Located in the middle of Culver City, this cottage in essence brings fantasy to life. Admire the architecture and take a selfie to commemorate! Check out my review here.

Papaya Salad & Coconut Cakes (Mae Ting Coconut Cakes), Art supplies (Art Supply Warehouse), The Hobbit House (Hobbit House)

$$ Moderate

Breakfast (Jist Cafe): Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the offerings at Jist Cafe in Little Tokyo, CA is pretty spectacular. The Chashu Hash ($14) is absolutely the best savory dish. The meat is so tender, potatoes crispy, and the poached eggs are perfect. The Fancy French ($13 ) is the best sweet dish. Honestly, I don’t eat sweets for breakfast but the caramelized brioche bread is too hard to pass up. Read about my entire experience here and click here to see all the items individually.

Burger (Father’s Office), Breakfast (Jist Cafe)

$$$ Splurge

Burger (Fathers Office): Spending $18 for a burger may seem excessive, but the Office Burger at Father’s Office in Culver City is worth it. There are three locations in the greater LA area, and if I want a hoity-toity meal that lives up to it’s hype I’ll come here. Hungry for more, click here to read more.

Which of these finds are you hoping to try?

Until Next Time,


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