January Favorites 2022

I’ll be honest my belly and wallet had a very indulgent 2021, so to help thin out the gut and plump up my bank account I’m taking a different approach to this month’s spending. I’ll be cooking more and dining out a lot less so that I can be in more aware of what I’m eating, and hopefully save some money *fingers crossed*. Nevertheless, I still want to support small businesses so I’ll be highlighting my finds from farmers markets and grocery stores! Come check out this month’s favorites!

$ Bargain

Festival (Downtown Riverside Lunar New Year Festival): Free family friendly event to enjoy live entertainment, shopping, and food. This annual event is held in Downtown Riverside near the Old Mission Inn. Read all about it here.

$$ Moderately Priced

Cactus Honey (Palo Alto): Although the name would suggest that the product is from Northern California, it’s actually based in Mira Loma, CA (Riverside area). However, I found this 16oz jar at the Goldenwest College Weekend Swampmeet in Huntington Beach, CA for $10 and it’s wonderful. It’s quite creamy and has a nice floral sweet flavor. Honestly, this is such a unique and tasty buy! They also sell at several places throughout socal. See list here.

Pistachio and Fig Kefir Yogurt (Bonjoyr Kefir Yogurt): My mom said this tasted like ice cream lol. I bought one small tub from the Certified Farmers Market in Alhambra to enjoy and basically finished it in two sittings. $5 for a tub or 5 for $20. Check out their Facebook page for a list of the farmers market that they participate in.

Decorative Candle (The Charming Suds): As I browsed several aisles at the Goldenwest College Swap meet in Hungtington Beach, CA I found this booth with many handmade soaps and candle products with very aromatic scents. I picked up this beautiful succulent themed one ($20) and plan to gift it. Many items ranged from $3-$20. The owner attends the GWC swamp meet every Sunday but also does online orders here.

$$$ Splurge

Eggs (La Bahn Ranch): La Bahn participates in a number of farmers market but I decided to visit their warehouse in Santa Ana, CA, which is open daily (10am-4pm weekdays or 8am-4pm weekends) except for Wednesdays. I definitely felt lost when I drove up and parked in their very small lot; however, I saw some workers in the back and asked if this was where I could buy eggs. Sure enough they did and my brown eggs had the most beautiful orange yolk. $6 a carton is a splurge for me but boy was it a treat! Check out their IG or FB page for more info.

Sashimi Grade Scallops (Yama Seafood): I think $1.95 a scallop seems pricey, but holy cow these are ultra plump and sweet. You can get as many or as few as you like from Yama Seafood Market in Alhambra, CA and enjoy as is (just let it defrost a bit as it’s flash frozen). I cannot wait to go back! Read about what else I ordered here.

Which of these look the most interesting to you?

Until Next Time,


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