April Fool’s Day Media Event at Rance’s Chicago Pizza in Costa Mesa, Ca

040114 Rance Menu

On April 1st, I had the opportunity to revisit a local favorite for an intimate blogger’s party. Rance’s Chicago Pizza (Yelp Review) in Costa Mesa, CA spoiled us with a nice spread of appetizers and pies. Although it was April Fool’s Day, their food certainly was no joke and they were very generous with their offerings. We started off with a nice spring salad with 4 different homemade dressings. I enjoyed the assortment of veggies and while the dressings were nice, they were nothing to run home about. Next we moved on to hot appetizers. If you like heat, their artichoke dip certainly will clear your sinuses and the bruschetta was a nice start, but I was obviously holding out for the main dish- a deep dish. Mmm…

040114 Appetizers
Salad and Appetizers

As soon as we finished up the last of bite size apps, we were then given the opportunity to try two thin crust pizzas and 5 stuffed pies. Among my sampling the CSP (Chicken Spinach Pesto) was and still is my favorite- with the stuffed Margarita as a close second. Be sure to get their stuffed as opposed to thin crust as it makes all the difference!

I was beyond stuffed by the time we ended our meal and the owner came by to hand us each a small cup of honey. He stated that in other pizza parlors patrons dip their crust in honey to bring out the flavor. Cool, so I grabbed my crust and dunked it in. I was pleasantly surprised by this simple of great way to end the meal.

What do you like on your pies?




040114 Pizza 1

040114 pizza 2 040114 pizza 3 040114 pizza 4

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