Back to the Basics

2015 was a year of high highs and low lows. Change ran rampant throughout the months and boy was it exhausting. This year I’m hoping to go “back to the basics” and revive things that I’ve longed neglected including this blog – hooray!

blog 011616 - cheap eats

Cheap Eats: I’m a huge foodie and I hope to do a better job this year in sharing some of my delicious adventures. I recently moved to LA, so I’m beyond excited on what hidden gems this dynamic city has to offer.

blog 011616 - OOTD

OOTD: Towards the end of 2015 I was better at reinventing myself and expressing my creativity through fashion as it was a therapeutic outlet.  I felt greater confidence and loved the way it made me feel when I dared to explore different apparel combinations even though it doesn’t come naturally to me.  Thrifting cool pieces and finding alternative ways to mix up a favorite garment is a challenge that this frugal fashionista is going to make it work! *snap snap* Tim Gunn would be so proud 🙂

blog 011616 - events

Entertaining Events: I’ll take you along some the different free events as well as exclusive private functions. Many will be local, but I’m also hoping to also travel to find some of the area’s best kept secrets, so stay tuned!

blog 011616 - shopping

Shopping Sales: What girl doesn’t love a good deal? I for one belong to that category and will share with you some of my awesome finds.


What type of posts are you most interested to see?




P.S. Some of you may wonder why shorted YuBargainRockstar to YuRockstar and it’s pretty simple – it’s short and sweet like me 🙂

P.P.S. I haven’t figured out how to update the facebook page. If you’d like to follow me here’s the link –


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