Explore the West Coast for Cheap – 8 Day Roadtrip!

If you’ve been following the hashtag #FollowYu on my Instagram account (Add @Yurockstar if you’re not) – you’d know that I recently took an 8 day road trip to explore some amazing destinations off the beaten path.

My friend and I took the scenic route and drove up PCH to hit some of California’s hidden gems and continued our adventures in the Pacific Northwest. We ventured throughout Oregon, and Washington and starting this week I’ll be posting some of the different highlights from my entire trip and of course it’ll be done in a fabulously frugal fashion. 🙂


I allocated about $1000 for this adventure and together with a friend we were able to share many of the expenses and bring down the overall individual cost.

The major expenses (car rental, gas, room) was a little less than $850 total and for major cities we tried to minimize our costs by taking public transportation when we could or parked a bit further and walked. We allocated $100 on public transit, parking etc and bookmarked all the local free or near free activities. In total the per person shared cost was roughly $475.

I gave myself a rather generous budget for food (stomach souvenirs) – essentially the rest of the budget :D, but still took advantage of all the lunch specials or happy hour pricing. It’s great if you and your travel companion are both adventurous eaters because then you can share the cost and try even more items!

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City List – Here’s a list of all the major pit stops we made and we started in Orange County. Click on the hyperlink to read about my adventure!

San Luis Obispo, CA

Monterey Bay, CA

San Francisco (Part 1), CA; San Francisco (Part 2), CA

Bowling Ball Beach, Schooner Gulch, and Point Arena, CA

Glass Beach, CA and Leggit, CA

Eureka, CA

Roseburg, OR and Eugene, OR

Portland, OR (Part 1); Portland, OR (Part 2)

Seattle, WA

Redding, CA

Sacramento, CA


I’ll try to pump out a new entry for all the places I’ve visited – which city are you most interested to see? Comment below 🙂











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