Miss Taiwanese World supports the Taiwan Goodwill Performance to kick off Double Ten Day!

For many readers October 10th is 20 days before you need to get a costume for Halloween, but for my Taiwanese compatriots, it’s Double Ten Day – also known as Taiwan National Day.  It marks the beginning of the Wuchang Uprising  a revolt that led to a declaration of independence from the central government by Wuchang and several other provinces in China in 1911 and this year we are celebrating Taiwan’s 105th anniversary.  With such a milestone you know we’re going to have a rockin’ party to celebrate.

Hosted at the Taipei Economic and Culture Center in Los Angeles we had the opportunity to watch a wealth of performances from all age groups in the Taiwanese community. The programed started out with singing the Taiwanese and American National Anthem, then proceeded to officers of the military creating various formations with poise and precision. The program was filled with talents from local Taiwanese schools and non profit organizations, and my favorite were the traditional Taiwanese aboriginal dance followed by the silk sleeve performance.


Similar to the United Stated, Taiwan’s colors are Red, White and Blue – and my pageant sisters and I all coincidentally dressed up in blue, which looked fabulous in all the photos. I guess we really do have a connection to one another.


Among the attendees at this event were many influential political leaders including: Congressman Dr. Judy Chu and the Mayor of Walnut Mary Sue. There were many other local male councilmen and community leaders who supported this celebration and it was wonderful to see everyone come together to commemorate such an important day. It was entertaining, fun, and just one of the many celebrations to wish a Happy Birthday to Taiwan! Stay tuned on the next several posts – the royal court had an awesome time representing the beautiful island.






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