Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Kee Wah’s newest bakery branch in Arcadia

Gong hei fat choy!  And for my non-Cantonese speaking readers – Happy New Year (again!!). The Lunar New Year is just around the corner (January 28th) and what better way to celebrate than by stuffing our face with yummy Cantonese food. Mmmm…

Now it’s a tradition in the Chinese culture to gift rice pudding to family and friends during the Lunar New Year, and while making it from scratch is a very laborious process, Kee Wah Bakery has them packaged and ready to go!

They offer five different flavors including the Original, Maltitol (a sugar substitute), Coconut Juice, Ginger Juice, and Red Date and the gift boxes range in size and assortment. The single gift box set starts at $15.

But if you’re like me you probably will be hungry just by waiting in line and lucky for you the baked goods at Kee Wah Bakery is authentic and delicious. They offer three different styles of egg tart – the Portuguese Egg Tart being my favorite, as well as savory and sweet breads. Yum!           I love eating fresh bread and coming to this bakery gives me access to a ton of yummy treats. Salty? Sweet? Crispy? Soft? There’s a ton of variety to eat carbs and it’s very true to authentic Cantonese style baked good. nom nom….

Whats your favorite carb?




2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Kee Wah’s newest bakery branch in Arcadia

    1. Hi there! Kee Wah is a small family business in Los Angeles. I’m unsure if they’re going to expand, but that would be wonderful if they did. Happy Lunar New Year to you as well!


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