Miss Taiwanese World celebrates National Flag Day at Barnes Park 

Recently it’s been pouring cats and dogs in Southern California, but back when I attended the Double Ten National Flag Day at Monterey Park it was the exact opposite. The sun was out and about and I was all sweating bullets – scratch that I was glistening from head to toe. Beauty queens don’t perspire o:)


The National Flag Day event began with a mini parade and presentation of certificates by local and state representatives. We then all moved towards the flag podium and the ceremony concluded with an epic ending. Speeches were made, doves were released, and three private jets flew above the crowd as patriotic music blasted the stadium. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap photos at those times (as I was enjoying the moment) but it was quite a spectacular sight!

Afterwards the program transitioned to a vibrant line-up of various entertainment including: traditional lion dance, Taiwanese song and dance among other performances. The royal court also prepared for a runway show. Here I am backstage getting ready for the catwalk! 🙂

img_4149Among the events I’ve attended I was incredibly impressed with the community involvement and the patriotism instilled by all the attendees and participants. It was quite a celebration and while I may need to apply more sunscreen in the future, it’s an honor to represent my home country at this annual gathering. We also all got to cool down with some shaved ice, condensed milk, and boba. Yum!

What’s your favorite treat to snack on during a hot day?






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