Miss Taiwanese World supports local OC Chinese school students Lunar New Year performances 

As an ambassador for the Taiwanese community it was my honor and privilege to attend the Lunar New Year performance at the Culture Center in Santa Ana. The showcase featured students from local Chinese schools throughout Orange County and as a Chinese school alumni, it held a special place in my heart to support the youth and arts.

The afternoon program was filled entertaining acts from various Chinese Schools including: Irvine Chinese School, Yulin Chinese School (in Fountain Valley), Fullerton Chinese School and the two emcees were current Chinese school students who blended English and Chinese seamlessly. I was incredibly impressed by their confidence and speech. Performances included a Chinese comedy act (definitely my favorite), several traditional Chinese folkloric dances, traditional Chinese instruments, martial arts demonstration, as well as classroom presentations. The children were adorable and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Growing up I myself attended Chinese language school and while waking up early each Saturday morning to learn Mandarin wasn’t my first choice, I always loved starting the morning with the elective classes. I’d taken a wide range of courses including: calligraphy, Wushu, choir, among other visual and performing arts although I was most involved with the traditional Chinese folkloric dance program and actually went back to teach!

I also had the opportunity to reconnect with teachers and administrators from my former language school.  Pictured above are two incredible women who are very active in the community. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time and energy in helping us to preserve our language and culture.

So much of culture stems from the arts, what form of expression is your favorite? Mine was dance!





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