My Hero Academia Frenzy at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con

One of my friends recently introduced me to a series called My Hero Academia, an anime focused on high school students training to become pro heroes and of course I got hooked (although 2nd season is MUCH better than the 1st). I binged all the dubbed episodes before Anime Expo and hoped to be among the first to watch a special screening of My Hero Academia: Two Hero’s at 12:30pm. My friend and I got there around 8:30am and to no success they passed out all the wristbands. *cries* One of my other friends got there around 6:30am and narrowly snagged one before they ran out.

Cosplayers at Anime Expo

This is (to say the least) the year of My Hero. EVERYONE was cosplaying as a character from this show. Whether in battle attire or a UA school uniform there was a plethora of Dekus, Todoroki, and Froppys as well as some pretty amazing Bakugos. My favorite character is Momo – who’s yours?

Artwork from Anime Expo’s Artists Alley

Fast-forward a couple weeks to San Diego Comic Con. The creator, Kohei Horikoshi, and American voice actors for Deku (Justin Briner) and All Might (Christopher Sabat) were scheduled to make an appearance! Considering the cult following, my friends and I got to the panel early and good thing too because this panel was beyond packed. I hope for 2019 Viz Media will request Ballroom 20 or another larger room to accommodate this fandom because there were so many people eager to attend.

(Left to Right): Moderator,  maybe a producer?, American voice actors for Deku (Justin Briner) and All Might (Christopher Sabat)

Thankfully my friends and I were able to snag a seat although not together as the panel before did not clear out. We were all given some swag items, including a poster, bandana and fan. Unfortunately, out of respect for the creator we were instructed to refrain from video recording and photography. When the creator came out he disclosed details on his inspiration and did a live drawing of Deku. Although there was rumors that they’d play the movie at SDCC, sadly they did not, but announced when it would be available in theaters – September 25th – October 2nd. I still had a great time and the energy in the room was “plus ultra!”

If you could choose a quirk (superpower) what would you pick? I’d pick super-speed, but only if it comes with a high metabolism 🙂




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