Miss Taiwanese World publicized the Foundations 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Celebration Concert in Press Conference 

A press conference at the Culture Center of Los Angeles was held on Sunday April 23rd to publicize the 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Celebration Concert hosted by our foundation. As Miss Taiwanese World, I attended with my Preteen and Teen royal court as local Chinese news stations and reporters learned more about the community event.

2016-2017 Royal Court

As the event’s sophomore year, the program has grown exponentially and is packed with vocal and dance performances. Starting at 12:30pm the concert at Culture Center of Los Angeles will feature talented mothers in the greater Los Angeles area. This free event will also present the Mother of the Year to a very well deserving woman.

Mommy and me

My mother also attended this press conference with me and I’m reminded on how her influence has helped shaped me as the young woman today. I’m forever indebted to this beautiful (inside and out) woman and I feel so blessed to call her my mom. I feel that the greatest lesson that I’ve learned from her is to always laugh, smile, and to never take life too seriously. I love you mom!

What life lesson did you learn from you mom?




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