Miss Taiwanese World fundraised at NAAAP SoCal Officer Installation and Gala

The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) held its Annual Officer Installation in old Hollywood glamour at the Brandview ballroom in Glendale, CA. Members of the San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County chapter arrived in black tie apparel along with representatives from organizations such as the Taiwanese Junior Chamber, Asian American Professional Association, and Asian Youth Center to name a few. 

To kick off the evening the royal court greeted guests at the door and posed for photos. It was a great opportunity to meet Asian Americans from all different industries as well as reconnect with old friends. The event was packed one, and guests had the opportunity to socialize and pass out business cards before heading to the ballroom.

Taiwanese Royal Court and US Congressman Ted Lieu
Once 7pm hit, guests sat at their assigned tables and enjoyed a lavish 10 course Armenian meal, which included a healthy and a generous selection of appetizers and an enormous plate of kabobs. The royal court visited tables to sell raffle tickets and successfully raised funds to help support NAAAP’s future projects and expenses. US Congressman Ted Lieu swore in the newly elected Southern California officers as they committed themselves to a year of service, and the formal ceremony concluded with cultural performances, music, and dancing. It was a rockin’ party and one that I will remember.

What kind of events do you like to attend? Socials? Professional Development?






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