Poki Poki HB Grand Opening

Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegetables into my lifestyle and with poke places poppin’ up left and right in Orange County it’s fairly easy to eat a wide selection of healthy ingredients in one bowl. Poki Poki HB is one the newest edition in Huntington Beach with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion at their Grand Opening I decided to try them out.

Free poke bowl coupon!

At the store entrance guests were given the opportunity to “spin the wheel” and I landed on a “Free Poki Bowl” – Woohoo! With that coupon the manager said that I could redeem TWO free poki bowls since there was a BOGO day. My mom and I were extremely happy since we both got a free meal.

Inside of the store

Like many fast food poki places, guests pick a base, protein scoop, sauce, and toppings before checkout. I decided on a half-and-half base with spring mix and brown rice, salmon, octopus, tuna, and all toppings with the exception of jalapeños and avocados ($1 extra). Their sauce selection is straight-forward as patrons choose from not spicy, mild, and spicy. I ordered the not spicy and I think it’s a combination of ponzu and perhaps soy sauce.

BOGO Poke bowls!

While this meal was complimentary, I honestly did really enjoyed it. The plate was colorful and the portions were extremely generous. I also loved the diverse fish selection: octopus, yellowtail, salmon, ahi tuna, spicy tuna, shrimp, albacore, scallop and for the non-fish patrons tofu, so there’s something for everyone. The assortment of toppings was also wide as I got to include both western (ie. corn, green onions) and eastern (ie. masago eggs, seaweed) additions. They also have lemon infused self-serve water station which is a nice touch and makes my H2O beverage even more refreshing and hydrating.

The one area that I’d recommend to the owners is perhaps rethink about the vessel in which they prepare these entrees. We eat with our eyes and although the ingredients look and taste wonderful, the bowl cheapens the experience.

What kind of protein would you include in your poki bowl?



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