Sample 30+ of Anaheim’s Best Restaurants at the 22nd Annual Taste of Anaheim

Anaheim is home to the “Happiest Place on Earth” and a centralized location to a mecca of franchises and hole-in-walls, so naturally this city would host an impressive list of restaurants for their 22nd Annual Taste of Anaheim. If you’re like me, getting the opportunity to sample the cities best restaurants in one spot is a foodie’s dream come true!

(Left to Right): Rainforest Cafe (mud pudding), Zov’s (sliders), Nothing Bundt Cake (lemon cake), Smoqued (BBQ bites), and (yummy dessert)

It was so fitting that the Taste of Anaheim was held on “National Eat What You Want Day” (it’s seriously a day!) and given the variety of choices at this annual event, I definitely gave cheat day a run for it’s money. Located at the Gardenwalk in Anaheim, patrons could enjoy a wide array of vendors from A-Z spread across the upper and lower level. A few of the vendors included but not limited to: Applebees, Roys, Ruth Chris and Zovs. Disney also had a large presence at the event with three restaurants: Catal, Naples, and Tortilla Jo’s.

(Left to Right): Food Blog Friends, Rosco’s (Fried Chicken and Waffles), La Brea Bakery (Panzanella Salad),

In years past the venue seemed crammed with long lines, but this year it was much more spacious and the lines all kept moving making it easy to try all the booths offerings. I also loved the belly bar tables so guests could enjoy multiple sampling at a time and their vibrant live entertainment made the experience a complete one.

1. Roscoe’s definitely stole the show with their chicken and waffles as each guest was given a full meal (fried chicken, mac and cheese, waffles and syrup).
2. Freckled Strawberry Lemonade from TGIF. Super refreshing and one of the few vendors that offered complimentary beverages at their booth.
3. True Grits served Pork Belly Bao and was one booth that I frequented often. I loved the contrast of the raspberry jam with the savory melt in your mouth pork belly. Yum!
4. Spin the Wheel prizes from Dave and Busters was a fun and entertaining booth. My friend won a clear drawstring bag!
5. The sweet and savory smoked meat from Smoqued was finger-licking good!
6. Lamb tacos from Urbana was solid
7. Sample of lemon cake from Nothing Bundt Cake was fluffy and moist

(Left to Right): Catal (Pita and Hummus). True Grits (Pork Belly Bao), Urbana (Lamb Tacos), Taste of Anaheim Logo

This was my 2nd year attending this annual event and I look forward to visiting again for many years to come!

Whats your favorite restaurant in Anaheim?



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