Miss Taiwanese World fosters community relations at Cinco De Mayo Festival in Monterey Park 

One of the best things about serving as Miss Taiwanese World is the opportunity to connect with people of all backgrounds and learning about their culture and customs. The royal court was invited to the 35th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration at Monterey Park earlier this month to enjoy this yearly event.

Live entertainment at Barnes Park Amphitheater in Monterey Park

The day was a brisk and chilly one; however, considering the weather conditions and high chance of rain the festival attracted a diverse group of Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian enthusiasts. Performers sang in Spanish and some audience members got up and danced allow to the melodious beats. It was really beautiful to see how regardless of language, music and the arts can really bring us all together.

The Royal Court and Cinco De Mayo Chairman backstage

As goodwill ambassadors the royal court presented Friendship flags to the event Chairman Jesus Ortiz and Monterey Park Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian to continue relationships and support the City of Monterey Park. Photos were taken and we enjoyed the good company and energetic entertainment for the remainder of the afternoon. In addition to performances they also raffled off some cool prizes which included giftcards to haircuts, restaurants, and other local businesses.

How did you spend your Cinco De Mayo?








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