Toastea – Brick Toast and Summer Specials!

Summer is in full swing and LA is definitely cranking up the heat. Luckily, boba tea stations are popping up everywhere in the Southern California area, so there’s always a place to cool down with an iced cold beverage. I recently visited Toastea, a hybrid beverage and snack shop specializing in Taiwanese treats, and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere with some friends.

Nutella Brick Toast with strawberries and blueberries

One of my favorite Taiwanese snacks is brick toast and if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a thick slice of bread covered with your favorite toppings. The Nutella one is my favorite, but there are 5 other delicious options to choose from including: Honey, Spicy Churro, Matcha-cha, Caramel-Apple Pie, and Banana Split. Yum!

Summer lemonades

While they’re known for using tea leaves (as opposed to powder) and preparing their beverages in small batches, they recently they launched a new summer line of lemonade drinks. Butterfly Rose, Tropical Hibiscus and Strawberry Matcha are the brainchild of one of their employees and is limited for the next few weeks. The middle (Tropical Hibiscus) was my favorite and tasted as if you were on the Big Island of Hawaii

Which drink would you be excited to try?




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