626 Night Market  

I’ve gone to my fair share of Night Markets (Ktown Night Market post here), but I’ve yet to visit the largest one in Southern California – The 626 Night Market! I know, shocking right? But I digress. Held at the Santa Anita Park, vendors from the greater Los Angeles area and guests from all over attended the two day event. I decided to get a sneak peak on Day 1 to get the scoop.


The 626 night market was definitely an enormous event with various carnival games, food trucks, pop-up stands, and businesses promoting asian products. Spread across the vast parking lot, patrons could comfortably walk around the aisles to try the latest food craze. There were tons of options and while I was sweating off all my sunblock, my foodie friend and I tried some bold treats!

Roasted Corn, July 4th Watermelon Drink,  and Rainbow Grilled Cheese

I think it’s safe to say that many vendors were bold in experimenting with colors and the rainbow/unicorn trend is here to stay. Which colorful treat are you interested to try? The watermelon drink was my favorite, because it was super refreshing and cooled me down on the hot day.

Tickets to the 626 Night Market is $3 on Friday and Sunday, and $5 for Saturday. Parking is free and they’ll be back on July 21, who will be going?




2 thoughts on “626 Night Market  

  1. Any scorpions, snake on a stick, other assorted bugs? Can’t post a picture here but tried… Getting home that night was fun too, but I don’t think I was with you.


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