February Favorites 2023

2023 sure has been a wild year. I took on a seasonal part-time job (in addition to my full time day job) so I’ve been more occupied than usual to try new places; however, these were my favorites for this month and I hope you’ll check ’em out! Also, better late than never, am I right? lol

$ Boba drink (Taty’s)

$ Bargain

Boba Drink (Taty’s Speciality Coffee & Tea): I met up with a friend from out of town and Taty’s in Westminster, CA was a goof half-way point. The environment inside was very conducive to hanging out with friends, and/or working on a laptop with white noise. Boba drinks are roughly $4-$6 and there’s a range of fruity teas, lattes, and smoothie options. My go-to is Brown Sugar and their boba’s had the perfect texture. Read more here.

Octopus Fried Rice (Gaenali Bon Ha Korean Restaurant)

$$ Moderate

Hot Stone w/ Octopus, Vegetable & Spicy Sauce – Fried Rice (Gaenali Bon Ga Korean Restaurant): Read more here. I wouldn’t usually order fried rice at a restaurant, but this hole-in-the-wall mom n’ pop shop in Garden Grove, does a legit job and there are nice chunks of octopus in this one. This dish is $22 and definitely one I recommend to share. Read more here.

Bossom (Jong To Shul Lung Tang)

$$$ Splurge

Bossom (Jong Ro Shul Lung Tang): Garden Grove, CA has some amazing Korean food and the Bossom at Jong Ro Shul Lung Tang is no exception. If you want essentially yummy Korean tacos (Bossom) this is a good spot to enjoy ’em. For roughly $40 this is a great appetizer or meal. Full review here.

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Finally! The Best Fruit Tart Cake found!

Growing up my dad always bought an asian fruit cake for my birthday. Unfortunately, the cakes were tasteless and less than memorable. However, upon some research a few of my foodie friends raved about the fruit cake at Long Phung Bakery. Could there be a delicious asian fruit cake?

My grandma recently turned 92, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring a traditional and familiar sweet, but not too sweet, treat to celebrate. Upon further research I found out that the 1/4 sheet fruit cake (which feeds 20 people) did not need to be ordered ahead of time as that size is readily available and for $30 (a very VERY reasonable price-point), the stars could not have aligned more perfectly.

When you arrive at the shopping plaza, the bakery is nested behind several outdoor plants and tucked away in a corner. I certainly would not have known about this place if I wasn’t looking for it – it truly is a hidden gem. The shop itself is pretty small with a single case of ready-made cakes and many orchids for sale. I would have never thought a bakery and florist to reside in the same space, but it makes perfect sense for any celebration.

The shop keeper hand pipped “Happy Birthday Grandma” on our cake and we were on our way. I paid in cash, as many asian owned restaurants prefer this form of payment, but I’m not sure if they accept credit card, etc. Regardless, I would gladly go to the bank to make a withdrawal because this cake was uh-mazing. The spongy cake at the bottom was light and fluffy, and the puff pastry crunch in the middle gave a really nice texture with the fresh fruit on top. I really enjoyed it as did the rest of my family. Two thumbs up and I definitely will be back to pick up another!







Long Phung Bakery

8926 Westminster Blvd

Westminster, CA 92683