Perks of Being Elite! Free Yelp Tube Socks!

Yesterday I went to my first Yelp Elite event for the summer at Yori Modern Japanese Restaurant in Brea, CA. The 8 course tasting menu was fit for a king, but until I figure out how to better navigate this system you’ll have to patiently wait for my next tantalizing post! But today I wanted to share with you what I took away from the event (aside from an enormous belly filled with yummy goodies)

Courtesy of Yelp OC, our SWAG (Stands for Stuff, We, All, Get) consisted of Yelp Tube Sock! What?!  


Now, with the weather in SoCal ranging from the 90’s -100’s it may not be the opportune time to bust out these trendy fashion accessories. However, I cannot wait till I get the chance! Britney Spears school-girl anyone? lol

Tube sock for summer- fashion faux pas or trend setter? 




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