Date Worthy Dessert to Share @Scraps in Huntington Beach, CA

New York has Serendipity3 and Orange County has Scraps.  For all you non-chick flick movie goers, Serendipity3 is where they shot the ironic romantic comedy called Serendipity staring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. It’s a must see feature that is the epitome of romantic comedy and there are very few movies that even come close to this classic.  The two stars shared a dessert and the rest is history- gosh I miss New York!

Panne Cotta

So for the Orange County hopeless romantic, I found the best substitute! The Panna Cotta ($7) with homemade kumquat marmalade at Scraps (Yelp Review) is amazing and way too good not to share. It’s silky smooth, but with a firmer consistency than pudding. Combined with the tart kumquat, this dessert is heavenly.

What’s the perfect dessert to share?



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