Frugal Finds, West Coast Roadtrip – Eureka, CA

Driving through a tree (see video on Instagram here) and walking on glass shells (click original post here) were both quite exciting adventures, but Eureka! – no pun intended 🙂 – I think I’ve found one of the (unexpectantly) coolest cities in California.

Surrounded by towering Redwoods and spacious grounds this city of Eureka has definitely some great hidden gems. On this visit we checked out the Sequoia Park Zoo, an intimate home to wildlife, including some adorable red pandas and river otters.

General admission isimg_5959 $7 and if you visit on Wednesday all visitors receive half price regular admissions. They do not take or offer any other discounts for non-residents.

I was excited to visit and lucked out as they were just starting the Otter Feeding!

Animal Feedings Schedule:

3 pm: Otter Feeding – Oh my goodness! Wow talk about hungry otters! When they saw/heard the zookeepers coming these guys were swimming like crazy. The pups were super active and even when the zookeeper threw in pieces of fish they were hungry for more. Near the end of the feeding the zookeeper threw in chunks of carrots. How cute!

img_60384pm: Red Panda Feeding -This feeding was more like a training exercise where each red panda would listen to a command before earning treats. It was so cute watching a red panda essentially beg the human for munchies.

This zoo is very small; however, I appreciated how well maintained each of the exhibits were and that they were spacious enough for all animals to live happily. Aside from otters and Red Pandas they also have a large bird cage with various exotic birds (ie bald eagle, owls), a flock of pink flamingos, and some farm animals. Think of this zoo as a animal retreat in the mountains.

Eureka didn’t strike me as a destination known for authentic ethnic food, but goodness gracious the Carribean food at the A Taste of Bim made me feel as if I were in the Bahamas. The restaurant has such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and the food was cooked to order by a lady from the islands. My friend and I shared the baked whole fish in secret sauce ($18.75) which came with a side salad and a choice of another side and my goodness it was beyond amazing. Seriously ten stars, go and you will not regret it!

From the interior decor to the mouth watering food I felt like I was transported to another country and it’s a shame how far Eureka is from home. It’s a great restaurant and if you’re in the area you definitely should hit them up.

Is it just me or does this home look like the house from – The Addam’s Family?

img_6056This mini castle  is actually the Carson Mansion. It’s footsteps away from the Pacific where guests can enjoy a beautiful view. Visitors who wish to visit the interior  need to be members of the elite club (or from a reciprocal club – from what I’ve been told), but just from the outside the home has some really intricate details.

Which attraction was your favorite? Comment below.




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