Frugal Finds, West Coast Roadtrip – Glass beach & Leggit (Drive through Tree), CA

After we visited Gutter Ball Beach… I mean Bowling Ball Beach (Click to read that entry), we headed to Glass Beach at Fort Braggs, CA.

Back in the day the area residents used this site as their official water dumping ground where they discarded cars, glass, and other unwanted goods. Over time nature transformed these junk items into beautiful gems spread across the coastline (the crashing waves grind the pieces down), making this once junkyard to a hit tourist attraction – what a great trash to treasure story!

I loved walking on the glass sand and admiring the beautiful pieces. There was a nice breeze and I loved sifting through the colorful “glass sand.” (Check out the Instagram video here ) It’s definitely a unique beach, but sadly the glass on the beach isn’t as plentiful as it once was, as tourists collect and take home the pieces. Should you come to visit, please leave them there so that we all can enjoy them.

Next stop was one of my favorite tourist traps – The Drive-Through Tree! For a small $5 per car admission fee it was a  relaxing pit stop to just smell the fresh air, stretch your legs, and of course drive through a Redwood!


My friend and I waited patiently in the line to drive through the tree, but thankfully it moved fast and we were super excited. Guests are also allowed to part their car in the parking lot and walk through the tree as well – I did it several times, ha! Just watch out for the cars!

The trees here are so majestic and there are so many around this part of California. I absolutely loved how peaceful it is here and it’s a great place to have a picnic.

Which terrain do you prefer – Beach or park? Comment below!




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