Miss Taiwanese World 2016 & Diamond Bar Chinese American Association celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

On Saturday September 10th the Royal Court was invited to support Diamond Bar’s annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, an afternoon dedicated to the big cheese. It’s believed in Chinese culture that the moon is at it’s roundest and brightest of the year, and that symbolizes unity and camaraderie – and nothing brings people together like food and entertainment!

The spacious park was transformed into a mini night-market complete with different vendors serving up traditional Taiwanese snacks like stinky tofu, milk tea with boba, fish skewers etc. There was also live performances by the children of the community and I was quite impressed with the skill of many of these entertainers. We had a martial art demonstration, song and dance performance, poetry reading, and traditional Chinese instruments just to name a few. Our royal court also participated and worked the stage with our catwalk.

img_9895While the celebration was a intimate one U.S. Congressmen Ed Royce and other local city council members made appearances to show their support. It definitely takes a village to host an event like this and the volunteers do this year after year.

Overall this was a fun low-key event where I got to meet some wonderful members of the Taiwanese community in a fun atmosphere. Thursday, September 15th is the actual Moon Festival Date. What do you plan to do?

Will you be eating moon cake? Until next time….



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