Miss Taiwanese World brings in the New Year at TECO – Orange County Branch 

Can you believe it’s already 2017? I hope that you all had a wonderful start to the new year! The royal court certainly kicked it off in full force.

This year I spent New Years Day at the Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Orange County. While the venue was a more intimate one it was a full house (standing room only!). Many local Taiwanese business owners and representatives from different organizations attended and the royal court welcomed patrons and presented flowers to the esteemed guests. The afternoon was filled with entertainment from local talent and finished with traditional Taiwanese snacks and photos.


This is also a popular time of year to make new resolutions and mine for this and for many years has been to have fun and make new memories with family and friends (and to floss more – an annual resolution). As Miss Taiwanese World Queen I get the opportunity to share my cultural heritage through this platform and I hope in addition to my annual resolution that I will post blog entries more regularly.

My hope is to consistently post an entry once a week. Miscellaneous Monday will either showcase a Miss Taiwan event from 2016 or 2017 (as I do have a huge backlog of entries), or highlight one of my recent travels/food destinations. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll do a second blog post on Wonderful Wednesday.

What kind of goals do you have for 2017?




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