Miss Taiwanese World celebrates the “Year of the Rooster” at TECO-LA

On the Sunday following Lunar New Year the royal court was invited to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles (TECO-LA) to celebrate the “Year of the Rooster.” At the entrance, local Chinese artists created crafts and painted traditional Chinese words for patrons to enjoy and local Taiwanese high school students from the Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FASCA) organization welcomed guests to the main room.

The program started with an energetic lion dance routine and VIP guests fed the hungry lions red envelops. Then local and state council members individually presented gifts and wished everyone a prosperous new year. Each speech ended with a government official hitting the gong to really ring in the new year!

After the program concluded a light lunch was served and the royal court poised for photos and were interviewed by local tv and newspaper publications. We also had an opportunity to converse with different politicians on the upcoming year’s goals.

I had the privileged to speak to the honorable Mary Su, the first Asian Female to serve as the Mayor of Walnut. We discussed about Asian American representation and she encouraged me to consider running for a position in the future. Who knows maybe in a few years I’ll be able impact my community at this capacity. 🙂

What kind of goals do you have for the new year?



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