Miss Taiwanese World enjoys the “Splendor of Taiwan” performance at Chapman University 

Some of my fondest memories as a child were performing on stage. One moment I was a graceful fish from the Dai Tribe and the next I was the rambunctious Monkey King from the Chinese legend, Journey to the West. Sometimes I played as humans *grins mischievously* like a country girl picking rice or a warrior prepping for battle, but it was always wonderful to depict a character from a different time periods. So when I was invited to attend “Splendor of Taiwan” dance performance at my alma mater, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Scenes from different dance numbers plus me ready to present flowers 🙂

The dance performance from the National Taiwan University of Arts Dance Department in Taiwan was spectacular at the very least. There were dynamic acrobatics as well as cohesive partner-work. I knew that all the dancers trained intensely; however, their movements were so effortless and graceful. My favorite piece was definitely the last number, which featured traditional Taiwanese tribal wear (red outfits).

Taiwanese representatives with the performers

The event welcomed over 900 guests to the Chapman Auditorium and at the finale, I presented the Artistic Director with a bouquet of flowers. Leaders from the Taiwanese community congratulated the dancers on their excellent performance and we all wished them great success on their upcoming tour for Taiwanese Heritage Week.

How do you celebrate your culture with others?




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