Miss Taiwanese World advocates for Taiwan Education Fair

As an educator I support all types of college and career pathways, so when the royal court was invited to attend a Taiwan Education Fair I was thrilled about the opportunity. Held at the Culture Center of Los Angeles over the weekend we networked with different universities and also learned about the international education options.

Representatives from the Universities in Taiwan

Representatives from twelve universities flew in from Taiwan to educate prospective students and families on the various programs and majors offered by the institutions of higher learning. Each university managed a booth where they provided pamphlets and brochures that highlighted their school’s claim to fame. Representatives charismatically spoke about their undergraduate, graduate, and study abroad programs and it was wonderful to see families learn more their options after high school.

The royal court with National Taiwan University representatives

I think students who are interested in doing business or international relations would really benefit from attending a school oversees. Not only will you be completely immersed in another culture which will force you to hone in on your bilingual skills, but it will truly open your eyes on learning about the beautiful Taiwan culture. Bilingual speakers are incredibly valuable and highly sought after, so this is an excellent opportunity for students to experience something new and also build their resume portfolio.

What should students know about life after high school?





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