Ktown Night Market Recap!

Attending a night market is a great way to sample a lot of vendors in one centralized location while also browsing pop-up shops and playing carnival games. Oh how I’m so reminded of Taiwan’s nightlife – they have THE BEST night markets. I’d heard so much about the Ktown Night Market  that I wanted to see if could be my US version of my favorite Taiwan activity. Held at a local community college in Los Angeles, this event was a popular destination among teens and college students for their Instagram worthy food. My foodie friend and I ordered a ton food to share and were stuffed by the end of the night. Here are the highlights!

Spire Works, Mix-E, India Jones Chow Truck, and  Sakura Monster

Spire Works:  Casual, yet robust flavors. At this event they featured their Bangkok and Peking sammys, which were inspired by Thai and Chinese palates respectively.

Mix-E: Specializing in Filipino Desserts such as Halo-Halo (shaved ice with toppings such as ice cream, red beans, etc.) this fun and colorful pop-up shop will be at the 626 Night market in July and August.

India Jones Chow Truck: Talk about flavors that are on a roll! I ordered a combo and got to try Butter Chicken Curry, Saag Paneer (Spinach and Cheese), naan, rice, and a samosa. Beautiful and extremely filling.

Sakura Monster: This truck made takoyaki balls (octopus balls) to order. It was so delicious and probably my favorite snack of the night. They don’t have a website, so check out their twitter page to see where they’re going next! Totally legit!

PuChao, Taco Fix, and Manini Kine Grindz

PuChao: Japanese Candy that’s gummy and soft. Yum!

Taco Fix: Priscela must be every dude’s best friend because her “Insane Nachos” and “Crazy Quesadilla” both have generous portion of meat and cheese. The plantains in the former is a nice touch and something I don’t usually see, but delicious. Homemade guacamole was extra and definitely worth it!

Manini Kine Grindz: Hawaiian food with entrees not commonly served on the mainland. My friend and I tried their Longanisa Loco Moco and Meat Jun and looooved it. They’re in the beginning stages of their business so give their Facebook page a shoutout!

What a fun and easy way to enjoy so many different Asian cuisines in one spot! The food was excellent and entertainment was lively and engaging. I would definitely come back here next year to check out LA’s latest and greatest!


What would you be most interested to try?






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