March Favorites 2022

I’ll be honest I forgot about March, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some amazing things! Come check them out below!

$ Dragonfruit lemonade (Healthy Juice), Coats (Salvation Army):

$ Bargain

Dragonfruit lemonade (Healthy Juice): I’ve walked past this fruit cart several times when I visited LA Chinatown and thought to try them out. They allow guests to sample their beverages and mix them up! I decided on a dragon fruit and lemonade/chia seed concoction and it was so refreshing! I think regular was $4 and large was $5 – which is a steal considering they use all fresh fruit! You can check out their IG here.

Coats (Salvation Army): Among the chain thrift stores Salvation Army is one of my favorites as the prices are reasonable. For some reason I don’t typically frequent this Huntington Beach, CA location and it has a 2 star yelp rating, but on my recent visit I scored two coats for $10 each (they were having a random 50% all clothes deal that day). One is by the brand Miss Sixty and the other is a Cole Hann Wind Breaker. Total score! This is the location I visited.

$$ Moderately Priced

$$ Chicken Burger w/ Mushroom & Cheese + Fries (World Cafe

Chicken Burger w/ Mushroom & Cheese + Fries (World Cafe): I’ve never had Persian/Iranian food so when I saw this perfect five star rating on yelp I wanted to see if this small mom n’ pop joint in Glendale, CA lived up to the hype. It definitely did and aside from the food being incredibly flavorful they’re open late and on Sundays (which is super rare). For the burger and fries it was about $10. Read my full review here.

$$$ Splurge

No splurges this month lol

March was super busy with work and activities so my finding were more sparse; however, I know that for April’s entry there will have a TON of hidden gems as I have many bookmarks to checkoff for my birth-month!

Until Next Time,


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