April Favorites 2022

I know, I know… I am beyond late for last month’s Favorites, but April was crazy and I’ll just leave it at that. Here are my favorite discoveries last month – enjoy!

$ Mochissant & Goat Cheese Croissant (Rolling Out)

$ Bargain

Mochissant & Goat Cheese Croissant (Rolling Out): Rolling Out is a one man shop in San Francisco that’s most known for their Mochi- Croissants! The owner invented this concepted and was granted a trademark for his creation. It’s really an interesting concept and for $2.75 a piece, I think it’s a worthwhile try. He also sells other baked goods including the Goat Cheese Croissant $3.75 which was delicious. Read about my full experience here.

$$: Hat & Boots (Goodwill – San Francisco); Duck Banh Mi (Cafe Bunn Mi); Mochi Donuts (Mochill Mochi Donut)

$$ Moderate

Mochi Donuts (Mochill Mochi Donut): The Cherry Blossom Festival was happening during my visit to SF’s Japantown and Mochill was selling a box of 6 mochi donuts for $15. Patrons could choose whatever glaze flavor, but we decided to do one of each to try them all. My favorites were the matcha and fruity pebble. I really like the bouncy texture and these all tasted really fresh. Two thumbs up! Read more about my experience here.

Duck Banh Mi (Cafe Bunn Mi): I’ve eaten a lot of banh mi’s in my lifetime, but the Duck Banh Mi at Cafe Bunn Mi definitely wins for elevated comfort food. Located in the heart of San Francisco, this hipster joint serves up made to order banh mi’s. For $13.04 it’s pricey, but the duck meat is just so incredibly juicy and succulent, and paired with the fluffy baguette and tangy slaw it was a masterpiece. *Chefs Kiss* Read more yelp reviews here.

Thrift Shop (Goodwill – San Francisco): It’s always a hit of miss when you go thrift shopping, but this particular Goodwill in San Francisco has a LOT of really cool things. At least at the time of my visit they had a good number of vintage and maybe items that might have been used as costumes or theater performances. Prices are more moderate/high range for thrift shopping, but I will definitely be back since their inventory looked pretty unique.

$$$: Tapas (La Mar Cebicheria Peruana)

$$$ Splurge

Tapas (La Mar Cebicheria Peruana): Wow! The setting at La Mar is very impressive as it has a beautiful view of the bay. Thankfully, my friend and I got reservations at this San Francisco establishment as it was a poppin’ place! We tried their San Francisco Restaurant Week Menu ($75 Dinner) and we got to try a little bit of everything. The Roquitas (Rock Shrimp wrapped with crisp squid ink tempura) was my absolute favorite (which is on their regular menu for $26) followed by the peruvian chocolate mousse. If you’re looking to impress clients or a date, this place will definitely help you up your game!

April Favorites were mostly in the Bay Area but stay tuned for May and June! May will have some gems in the Riverside/SD area and June hopefully will have many London discoveries (eeee!!)

Until Next Time,


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