May Favorites 2022

Late again? Good riddance!

May has been extremely busy in terms of work (with wrapping up the school year) and play, but there were many highlights. Enjoy this month’s favorites!

$ Bargain

Convention (Comic Con Revolution): Comic Con Revolution is nice mid-sized convention with a good number of fee-based celebrity meet-n-greets and nerd shopping. They usually have their convention during this time of year based on their celebrity guest appearances I usually attend. Tickets are usually $30 a day (adult), but I was able to find it for a little less than $20 on Goldstar.

$ Convention (Comic Con Revolution)

$$ Moderate

BBQ (Calhoun’s Texas Barbeque): BBQ for two for $30, yes ma’am! Calhoun’s Texas Barbeque is a small hole in the wall in Murietta, CA with a loyal fanbase. The baked beans with brisket is money as is the baby back ribs. See my full review here.

Midori Matcha (L’Moon Creamery): Strawberry Matcha drinks are now one of my fav combinations, and L’moon Creamery in Upland, CA does a great job in crafting this beautiful and tasty drink. For about $6 you’ll instantly cool down. Read more here.

Falafel Bowl (Sababa Falafel Shop): I wanted something healthy after a long day at the convention. Anaheim, CA is known for Mediterranean food and Sababa Falafel Shop was a fantastic find. $10.99 bowl of misc veggies, seasoned rice, and sauces, (hummus + $1) plus falafel was a perfect way to end the day. Read my entire review here.

$$ BBQ (Calhoun’s Texas Barbeque), Midori Match (L’Moon Creamery), Falafel Bowl (Sababa Falafel Shop)

$$$ Splurge

Roasted Duck (Ji Rong Peking Duck): If you’re treating extended family or clients to an authentic dinner that’s more presentable than many Chinese restaurants Ji Rong is a good choice. For $85 you’ll need to preorder (at least the week of) you’ll get a beautifully carved duck, all the accouterments, and tortillas to wrap it up. Delish! Located in Rosemead, CA this small mom and pop shop certainly has a showstopper entree.

Convention (Star Wars Celebration): I’ve gone to my fair share of Socal conventions for the past several years and back in 2020 I was slated to attend a new one (or at least new to me) in Anaheim – but alas Covid happened so we all had to wait. Regardless, Star Wars Celebration is a four day event with special announcements, celebrity meet-n-greets, fan panels, some of the best cosplays I’ve ever seen, and TONS of merch! I bought a 4 day badge for $199 (1 day $75) for the event (May 26-29, 2022), and boy there’s definitely a ton to see and do! Getting to see the Mandalorian Costume/Set Exhibit was by far my favorite followed by the Obi-Wan Kenobi Premiere and meeting Anthony Daniels (C-3PO Actor). It’ll be in London, UK in 2023, but if you love this Space Western this is a convention that shouldn’t be missed! I unfortunately, can’t go next year but if it returns to LA, OC or SD I’d be open to attend again!

$$$: Convention (Star Wars Celebration), Roasted Duck (Ji Rong Peking Duck)

Hope you all enjoyed my May favorites! I will be traveling to various cities in the United Kingdom so I can’t wait to share my finds. *Note: I can 100% guarantee you that my June favorites will be late, ha! But they’ll be worth it I promise!!

Until Next Time,


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